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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  December 1, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00 a.m., where is shane? it's the question so many people are asking this morning as we're learning new details about the search for the missing west chester university student. i'm rematt delucia live on main street. his family is getting more help with the search. >> reporter: this morning i spoke with shane's uncle. he told me the fbi task force is currently working on leads, but right now the family is just trying to regroup and figure out what to do next.
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for now though, they continue to pass out flyers as the work continues, and philadelphia police tells me there are no specific plans for the search today, but the reward for information leading to shane's whereabouts is now up to $15, 0 $15,000. take a look. within the past hour we did see investigators walking around this area by the bar and the canal, and throughout the weekend hundreds of volunteers came out posting flyers and searching every corner of manayunk at roxborough where this man is from. the police marine unit was out here yesterday searching every inch of the manayunk canal with the hopes of finding any clue, but so far nothing. the 21-year-old was last seen early thursday morning leaving kildare's here on main street after reportedly bumping into the deejay table. no one has seen him since. the family tells us surveillance video was not helpful, and just driving down main street today, the missing flyers are posted in almost every business. a complete mystery right now. shane's uncle this morning tells me the family is lost.
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they have been getting by with the help of friends and social media. more on that when i see you again at 11:30. live in manayunk, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. thank you, matt. skyforce 10 was over the scene of a tractor-trailer crash in morrisville, bucks county. this is at routes 1 and 32. we're told one person had to be taken to the hospital. skyforce 10 over the scene of a two-alarm house fire in montgomery county. it broke out on 400 block of welsh road in lower moreland township just after 4:00 this morning. fire officials tell us no one was hurt. no word on a cause. investigation under way into a firebombing. this happened on coulter street just before 4:00 a.m. eight people, including two young children, were inside the house. the fire chief says a man inside the home was able to put out the fire. everyone managed to get out safely. witnesses say they saw someone either drive up or walk up to the house and then toss objects
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and liquid onto the front porch which then caused the house to catch fire. firefighters confirmed they've been to this house before. >> we've been to this home on numerous occasions and what's going on, it's being investigated by the arson task force. at this time there were no injuries. there were no injuries at this location, and the fire was placed under control in approximately six minutes. >> authorities say they have no leads in the case. police in delaware county are looking for suspects after someone fired shots at officers. this happened in chester township along west 12th and nate ellis drive. investigators say the shots came from a nearby foot bridge. no officers were hit here. so far police haven't arrested anyone. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and we are enjoying another day of mild conditions outside. taking a live look at philadelphia's boat house row. but don't get too comfortable. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the
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forecast. britta brittany? >> would our average for this time of year is 50 degrees. today's high closer to 62. take a look at the difference between monday and tuesday. we're dropping down to 39 degrees with cold conditions headed into tuesday. we'll also be dealing with a bit of a windchill tomorrow. wind speeds coupled with the cold air that's going to be in place, it's going to feel more like a range between 27 and 34 degrees, and that's during the day. those are your afternoon highs. as we head into the rest of the evening, by tuesday night we do expect to see rainfall and the possibility of a wintry mix, so a little bit of wet snow and sleet mixed in, especially for the suburbs to the north and west of the city. then at the tail end of that system as our temperatures continue to drop back down towards freezing as we head into the overnight hours tuesday night, we do expect the possibility of freezing rain for the suburbs to the north and west. we have to be careful as we head into tuesday but our current temperatures right now at 60 degrees in philadelphia.
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mid-50s in pottstown. look at wilmington at 62 already. 61 in coatesville and for the rest of today expect a few scattered showers as we head into the afternoon. so mild by noon, 61. but by 4:00 p.m. a chance of hours, temperatures at 58 degrees. by 9:00 p.m., 52, and that chance of showers starts to taper. i'll have more details coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. thank you. happening right now, freedom of speech is taking center stage in our nation's capital as the u.s. supreme court is set to hear a bethlehem man's case. taking a live look now from washington, d.c. anthony elonis was convicted of making threats on facebook, but he says he was just kidding when he posted a series of graphically violent rap lyrics on the social networking site. the lyrics talked about killing his estranged wife, shooting up a kindergarten class, and then attacking an fbi agent. in this case the supreme court justices will consider whether online speech should be protected under the first
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amendment. and also happening now, philadelphia is taking another look at mandatory paid sick leave. a task force submitted its final report to mayor michael nutter this morning. it recommends that businesses with 15 or more employees provide paid sick leave. mayor nutter said he didn't support this idea in the past, but he believes the city's economy is strong enough to now reconsider this idea. the council is expected to consider another paid sick leave bill in 2015. this morning we have new information in the case of a tortured and murdered 3-year-old chester county boy. the school district says school officials followed all protocols and procedures leading up to the little boy's death. some people argued scotty mcmillen's death could have been prevent prevented. the school district came under fire after his brother missed ten days of school. the district conducted an internal investigation. they found no wrongdoing here. the boy's mother, jillian tate,
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and her boyfriend are both faces murder charges. this morning a camden county family is asking, have you seen our peanuts characters? they put out this sign saying their kids are heart broken after some of their holiday decorations were swiped from the front lawn of their gloucester township home. the hand painted wooden cutouts went missing between saturday night and sunday morning. and happening today, new jersey lawmakers could expand early voting. a new bill would require each county to haveself polling places open for 15 days before an election. the state senate is scheduled to vote on the bill today. governor chris christie vetoed a similar measure in the past. he said the cost was too high and it threatened the integrity of an election. happening now, wmmr's preston and steve are collecting donations in their camp out for hunger taking place at xfinity
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live parking lot in south philadelphia. preston and steve will be broadcasting live from there for the entire week and collecting donations for philabundance. focus on ferguson. the white house meetings planned today to take a closer look at the aftermath of the deadly shooting by police and how leaders are moving forward. he hit me and i was completely over it. i was done, didn't want to hear anything. >> but first, in her own words, the wife of baltimore ravens running back ray rice talks about the elevator incident that led to his high-profile suspension. what she's saying about her decision to stand by her husband in an exclusive interview. and we have mild conditions today, but big changes on the way. a dramatic drop in temperatures plus a chance of a wintry mix. i'm tracking all the details in my first alert and seven-day forecast forecasts.
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season instead of the season on unrest. >> great things when we work together. >> reporter: wilson recently married to another ferguson police officer expecting their first child said he left the force after being told that staying may put the residents and the police officers of the city of ferguson at risk. chief tom jackson says there have been death threats. was there threats against the department and him as well. >> there have been, yes, yes. against the department -- >> you take these seriously obviously. >> absolutely, yes. >> what made them credible? >> just who is making the threat and their capabilities to carry it out. that's what has to be assessed. i don't want to really go into the analysis. >> and are they still out there? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: meanwhile, protests continued across the country from portland to washington, d.c. some of the hometown st. louis rams put their hands up as they took the field. but many sti-- what many believl brown did. >> where is ferguson right now? >> you know, we're still at a
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point where we're hoping to feel like the worst is over. >> you're still not certain what's going to happen tomorrow or tonight, going forward. >> you know, that's what's really kind of holding us back from moving forward at this point is that tension out on the street. >> and that was nbc's ron allen reporting. a republican congressional aide says she will resign after making critical comments about the president's daurz. elizabeth lawton was the communications director for a tennessee congressman. over the weekend she criticized sasha and malia's behavior at a thanksgiving ceremony. she later deleted the post and wrote an apology. ohio state university is mourning the loss of one of hits football players. a vigil was held yesterday. the body was found yesterday. he died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.
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he had been missing since wednesday. on that day he sent his mother a text about the concussions he suffered. a neighborhood in arkansas is filled with worry after the disappearance of this 2-year-old boy. malik drummond walked away from his dad's house last sunday and he hasn't been seen since. police and neighbors have organized numerous search parties, but they haven't found any clues, and investigators do not suspect foul play. this morning in california, a stretch of the pacific coast highway is closed following three separate mudslides. heavy rain in malibu is to blame here and more wet weather is on the way out there. the brunt of the storm isn't expected to hit that car until tomorrow. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. it has been a mild start to your monday. we're also tracking the possibility of showers and a brief and light wintry mix heading into your tuesday
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evening. arctic blast is also on the way. big drop in temperatures. it will be nothing like this this time tomorrow. for philadelphia right now, 60 degrees. our humidity is at 60%. nice and comfortable out, winds out of the west. even the poconos close to 50 degrees. 48 in allentown. 62 in west chester. temperatures in atlantic city at 64 degrees. we're at 61 in the stone harbor and 63 in millville. across the rest of the nation, the cold air has already started to make its way in. here is the cold front. you can see the difference between a place like nashville at 52 and cincinnati only 37. it's only 27 in st. louis. des moines at 14 degrees, and all that cold air and arctic care is going to shift our way as we head into tonight and push into your tuesday. by wednesday temperatures will recover but we are going to get a shot of arctic air heading into tomorrow. our satellite radar shot shows the clouds right now and then off to the west of us we are checking out a line of light showers, and that's going to slowly make its way closer to us
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as we head into the rest of the afternoon. so expect by 4:00, 5:00, even 6:00 as you're driving home really light rainfall out there on the roads. so just allow a little extra time to get home. we'll start to see those showers clearing up. there will be a lull, but more moisture is on the way. so by tuesday at 5:00 p.m. we could be dealing with a bit of a brief wintry mix in allentown and even the possibility of accumulating snow mainly confined to the poconos and the higher elevations. it looks like all rainfall for philadelphia, but the possibility of sleet, it may be a bit of a wintry mix is a possibility because our temperatures are dropping down into the 30s tomorrow. on the back end as our temperatures continue to drop as we head into tuesday night, we are looking at the possibility for suburbs to the north and west of freezing rain. all of this should clear up as we head into tuesday, but the other big story by the time you wake up tomorrow morning are our windchills. we'll see temperatures feeling like they're at 26 degrees in philadelphia.
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this morning we were in the 50s. so that's going to feel like about a 25 degree drop. it's going to feel more like 22 degrees in allentown. feeling more like 14 degrees in the poconos. pushing into the afternoon, it doesn't get that much better. still going to feel like 32 degrees in philadelphia. it's going to feel like 28 in pottstown, feeling like 27 in allentown. our actual temperatures as we head into the rest of today, closer to 62 degrees for millville. high 50s, low 60s for philadelphia. 50 degrees in allentown. you are going to notice those showers moving in into our overnight hours and then pushing into tomorrow, our daytime highs on your tuesday right around 5:00 p.m., 39 degrees in philadelphia. 34 in allentown. 30 degrees in the poconos. 50 in cape may but a big difference from what we're seeing today, and if you notice that we have the chance of precipitation as we head into tomorrow evening. temperatures recover, things clear up as we head into wednesday, but your seven-day forecast shows a high today of 62 with a few showers expected as we push into the afternoon.
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another round of showers tomorrow but temperatures will be much cooler flirting with the freezing mark. so we could see the possibility of wet snow, sleet, and freezing rain, and then we recover into the 50s on wednesday. >> thank you. up next, trouble in toy land. the new findings that show just how often children are going to the hospital because of injuries involving their toys. we'll tell you which ones are most likely to cause harm. plus, a warning to parents today. the danger experts say moms and dads are putting to bed with their baby.
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this is nbc 10 news. there may be a hidden danger in your child's crib. a new study finds about half of babies sleep with too many blankets and pillows. experts recommend babies sleep in a grib with no loose bedding to avoid suffocation. babies of teen moms and those sleeping in adult beds were most likely to sleep with bedding. if you're worried about your child being cold, experts say purchase safe sleep wear. not all toys are safe for all kids. nbc's erica edwards has the information that really parents need to know. >> reporter: play time is supposed to be fun. >> can you wiggle them. >> reporter: but the number of kids getting hurt playing with toys has risen 40% since 1990.
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one of the biggest reasons, falling off fast moving scooters. >> that usually results in either cuts to the face or head and sometimes to fractures or broken bones. >> reporter: analyzing emergency room records, dr. gary smith and colleagues at nationwide children's hospital in columbus, ohio, found a child is treated every three minutes for a toy-related injury. younger kids are prone to choking on small toys. as kids get older and more active, the ride-on toys account for a significant number of injuries, especially scooters. >> when they were introduced in year 2000, there was a rapid increase in the number of injuries. in fact, i will say that i have never seen anything like it in my career. >> reporter: in response to the study, the toy industry association writes, toy-related injuries are those associated with but not necessarily caused by a toy. this only means that a toy was being used when an injury occurred and does not indicate that the toy itself caused any harm. to reduce that risk for harm,
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helmets and other safety gear are paramount. experts also say kids should use their ride-on toys under the watchful eye of an adult and away from high traffic areas. erica edwards, nbc 10 news. still ahead, the u.s. public interest group has just released its 29th annual trouble in toyland report on dangerous toys. see if any of your child's wish list made this year's list. that's coming up. thousands of pennsylvania residents not covered under the affordable care act will now have a chance to get health insurance. enrollment begins into the healthy pennsylvania program. that's the name given to the expansion of pennsylvania's medicaid system. 900,000 others who are already covered will also be affected. everyone can pick from plans offered by private insurers paid by the state. coverage begins january 1st. and the positive news at the
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pump continues. gas prices continue to fall. nationwide the average price for a gallon of gas down 2 cents over the weekend to $2.77. aaa tells us driver in the philadelphia five county area are paying an average of $2.94 a gallon. drivers in south jersey are shelling out $2.66 a gallon for regular unleaded and in delaware drivers are wayipaying $2.81. the girl scouts are going digital in their effort to sell you cookies. the organization says online sales will be a valuable tool for the young entrepreneurs. the scouts say they will be able to send the cookies sold online directly to your doorstep. coming up next, royal revelation. prince harry marks world aids day by revealing a personal secret in an online message. and the hits just keep on coming for taney dragons
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superstar mo'ne davis. the newest honor for the teen phenom from our area.
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this is nbc 10 news. the search for shane. we're learning new information this morning about the search for a west chester university student who was last seen early thursday morning. nbc 10's matt delucia is live on main street in manayunk with shane montgomery was last seen. what efforts are happening right now? >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the fbi. a task force is starting where shane montgomery was last seen, at kildare's irish pub, and they're spreading out the search. the task force is investigating this case because shane disappeared under suspicious circumstances. digital billboards went on
11:29 am
display on area highways. search crews have been throughout this manayunk area this weekend but found nothing. this morning shane's uncle told me that the family is trying to regroup and figure out what to do next. the reward meanwhile for information leading to shane's whereabouts is up to $15,000. and also a gofundme website has been started by a family friend collecting donations for the search efforts, including posters, flyers, and food for the volunteer search party if and when they go back out. and at least check is total of more than $4,000 has been donated by nearly 100 people. my colleague deanna durante is working the story as well. we'll have updates throughout the afternoon. for now live in manayunk, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. checking out our other top stories right now, taking a look at the stories nbc 10 is following. firefighters working to get control of a house fire in lower moreland township, montgomery county. happened this morning. skyforce 10 was over the home on welsh road as the smoke and flames poured from the roof
11:30 am
here. no one was hurt. philadelphia police and arson investigators are trying to figure out who threw a firebomb at a germantown home this morning. witnesses say someone tossed papers and flammable liquid on the front porch of this home on coulter street. eight people, including two young children, inside the home. they were able to escape. they were not hurt. and philadelphia taking another look at mandatory paid sick leave. a task force submitted its final report to mayor mike ideal nutter. it recommends businesses with 15 or more employees provide paid sick leave. mayor nutter believes the city's economy is strong enough to reconsider the idea. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> month of december off to a mild start. here is a live look at the skyline of center city, philadelphia, but changes are coming. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the forecast. >> that's right. changes are coming, big changes. first of all, we're well above average already, in the 60s
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right now. as we push into tomorrow, we are going to see changes. a big-time drop in temperatures and we're also tracking showers that will move into our region as we head into the afternoon. these are light, isolated showers. our current temperature is 61 in trenton. 63 in northeast philadelphia. 62 in wilmington. we're at 64 degrees in dover, and for the rest of today our temperature range will be between 58 and 63 degrees, cloudy with isolated showers as we head into the afternoon. but this is where things get interesting. as we head into tomorrow afternoon right around 4:00 p.m., temperatures, our daytime highs only at 40 for philadelphia. 36 in allentown. 49 degrees in cape may with the chance of rainfall, even a little bit of a wintry mix. i'm tracking the details on our changing conditions as we head into tomorrow and the rest of the workweek. i will have more details coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. renee? >> president obama will hold a series of meetings to discuss the situation in ferguson,
11:32 am
missouri. the president will focus on his administration's review of federal programs that provide military-style equipment to police. he'll also meet with young civil rights leaders and local law enforcement in an effort to find ways to bridge the racial divide there. now, in missouri the ferguson commission will hold its first meeting since the grand jury decision not to indict officer darren wilson. wilson resigned over the weekend saying he did not want to put the community or his fellow officers at risk. wilson did not receive a severance package and will not receive any further pay or benefits. some st. louis rams players acknowledge recent events in ferguson before their game yesterday. they entered the said yum with their hands up. the gesture has been used by protesters since michael brown was shot and killed by officer wilson. in a statement the st. louis police officers association said they were disappointed with members of the rams football team who engaged in this display saying that police officers around the nation found it, quote, tasteless, offensive, and inflammatory.
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and a bizarre sight for neighbors in connecticut after this plane landed right in the middle of a street. the single engine cessna had just taken off when it had engine trouble. the pilot couldn't make it back to the airport but luckily he was able to land on a road that was under construction and avoid hitting any drivers. the owner of a nearby business watched it all happen. >> as i'm looking out the back window, i'm literally seeing a plane sliding across the pathway there. the gentleman i can see some movement inside the plane, and then the door opens, so i knew he was okay, and then he literally comes right out and he says i'm fine, i'm fine, call 911. i'm like that's already been taken care of. >> what a sight that must have been. the pilot thinks icing in the engine may have been the problem. thef aa now investigating. a dog is being hailed a hero in georgia after taking a bullet to save his family. surveillance video shows the dog running away after being shot during a road rage attack.
11:34 am
witnesses say a man got mad while driving and followed a chevy suburban into a parking lot. he then fired into the vehicle. police say the dog, a german shepherd named noah, was shot while protecting the three children and their mother. >> the dog took the bullet for the kids so the kids would be safe. >> they're fired upon. the family was terrorized and they survived that only to find out that their pet is now gone. it's sad for the whole family. >> that's right. the dog died from his injuries. there are no arrests. today is world aids day, and prince harry is hoping to raise awareness by sharing a secret. it's part of a campaign called feel no shame. prince harry and other celebrities will reveal their secrets in hopes of eradicating stigma around the world. they hope it will empower hiv patients to overcome their shame and get help. this morning prince harry released a video that shared his secret. >> i get incredibly nervous
11:35 am
before public speaking no matter how big the crowds or the audience, and despite the fact that i laugh and joke all the time, i get incredibly nervous, if not anxious actually, before going into rooms full of people when i'm wearing a suit. >> the feel no shame campaign was started by prince harry's own charity. he founded it in 2006 after visiting south africa. that country has the third largest prevalence of hiv and aids in the world. the white house marking world aids day. a giant red ribbon is hanging from the building today. you see it there. the theme for this year's world aids day is focus, partner, achieve. just because they're on the shelves doesn't mean they're safe. that's the warning in this year's trouble in toyland report. the public interest research group released their findings this morning. they tested for toxic chemicals including lead and chromium.
11:36 am
they also found small toys that can pose a choking hazard or damage children's hearing. >> the message is clear, we need to protect our youngest consumers from unsafe toys. parents and guardians should watch for the most common hazards when shopping for toys. >> the toy industry association is now criticizing this report saying its based on improper testing methods and is unnecessarily scaring parents. thousands of hunters head into the pennsylvania woods this week. deer season is under way this morning. it runs for two weeks. the pennsylvania game commission expects 750,000 hunters to participate on opening day, that's today, and more than 300,000 deer could be taken over the entire season. starting today pennsylvania fishing licenses will be cheaper. the fees have been reduced through deuce. you can save $3 on a three-year license and $5 on a five-year
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license. this is the first time the pennsylvania fish and boat commission has reduced the price of a license. well, the honors just keep coming for little league phenom mo'ne davis. today "sports illustrated" kids named her 2014's sports kid of the year. here is a look at the cover. wow. she became the star of philadelphia's taney dragons after showing her dominance on the pitcher's mound. she's the first girl to win a little league world series game and the first girl to pitch a shutout. "sports illustrated" said she proved everyone has the ability to make an impact no matter their age, gender, or race. and an update now on the story we brought you earlier in this show. well, the mystery of the missing peanut holiday decorations has been solved. a camden county family put out this sign, you see it here, saying someone swiped some decorations from the front lawn of their gloucester township home. we just found out a short time ago that a person living in summer daleboro contacted police to tell them two young men in a
11:38 am
white vehicle left the decorations on the front step late saturday night, rang the doorbell, and then took off. the family recovered the decorations this morning. well, that price of the partridge in a pear tree. we'll add up what all the things from the 12 days of christmas would really cost you. plus black friday is now history. retailers are hoping to bounce back and make history this cyber monday. a look at where you might be able to find the really great deals. and it's a mild start to your monday. temperatures already in the 60s. it's not going to last long. i'm tracking a 20 to 25 degree drop. i'll let you know what to expect in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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♪ with the card accepted by 90% of doctors in the philadelphia region you have the freedom to relish right now. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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william, before he left turkey, propose francis and the leader of the christian orthodox sump demanded an end to the persecution in iraq and saudi arabia. >> reporter: pope francis traveled back to rome wrapping up a three-day visit in turkey. first of all, he solidified the relationship between the catholic and orthodox churches by signing a common declaration with the leader of the orthodox church. now, the spiritual leaders called for an unconditional unity continuing a caucus that may lead to reconciliation
11:42 am
between the two biggest churches in christianity almost a that you years after a schism. he said it is right to attack an unjust aggressor but he said that also we need dialogue, and on the plane back to rome, he called for muslim leaders, both political and religious, to condemn terrorism when it's carried out in the name of islam. then thirdly but certainly not lastly because this is something that is really the heart of pope francis, he addressed the issue of refugees and in particular the persecution of christians in the middle east. on the last day of his visit here, he visited young refugees here offering some words of comfort and hope. even though he said he wanted to visit a proper refugee center at the border with syria. obviously that was not possible for safety concerns. he even said he would like to visit iraq and refugees and persecuted christians there but clearly this is not possible for
11:43 am
the time being especially because isis has made the pope a target calling him a crusaders and calling for his assassination. nbc news, istanbul. from black friday to small business saturday and now, well, cyber monday. shoppers gave their credit cards a real workout over the weekend but are they getting the best bargains possible? nbc's mark barger shows us the best ways to save. >> reporter: credit cards not already maxed out over the past four days could get another workout today. >> you'll see a lot of online only deals, of course, for things that might not have been on sale earlier in the week. >> last year cyber monday sales rose at least 16%, but this year big online deals started even earlier. >> you might not see the best online prices of the year. it's not that online equivalent of black friday. >> reporter: yet consumer reporter kelly grant
11:44 am
says utilizing deal aggregators such as fat might still be able to boost your savings. >> you'll find a lot of good deals and sales and you can also link to your favorite retailers through a site like that to get some extra cash back or reward points. >> reporter: grant says website that is compile coupon codes such as retail me can also offer help in knocking down the total at the checkout. and if you do buy today, you can keep an eye on an item's price the rebs of the season with the help of sites such as track if and camel, camel, camel. >> you can compare prices and track them over time. it can help by sending an alert that you will get if the price drops. >> reporter: and capitalizing on those savings will help stretch that holiday budget. mark barger, nbc 10 news. well, if you're shopping online today, cyber monday, well, you certainly need to protect your money. experts have some tips on just how you can do that. first off, use a separate credit card while shopping online.
11:45 am
that way if hackers get your information, your bank accounts will be safe. also pay attention to the statement. this is a tough one. check for those microcharges. hackers hope you won't notice $1 or $2 missing from your account but it adds up. after black friday, small business saturday, and cyber monday, well, there's more. there's now a growing mosvement to give back and that's called giving tuesday. that's tomorrow. here in philadelphia several charities, businesses, and volunteers will participate. an e-mail campaign has been created to boost online giving. use #givingtuesday phl. the irs has some tips for you if you plan to make a donation. first, make sure you're giving to an eligible charity. also you really want to make sure you have documentation of your donation, and if you're giving an item like furniture or clothing, make sure you get that receipt so you can claim it on your taxes.
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12 days of christmas. pnc wealth management, can you imagine they thought about this, but they tallied up the cost of every item in that popular song "the 12 days of christmas." more than $27,000. that's everything from the 12 drummers drumming to the partridge in a pear tree. the total is up nearly $300 from last year. so the priciest item, what's that? according to pnc, the nine ladies dancing. that will cost your true love about $7,500. changing directions here. the man who brought us the legendary sound of philadelphia, not to mention transforming the landscape of education and housing in our city, now he and his wife are bringing us an evening of style and grace. kenny gamble and his wife fatima are the forces behind the event making a difference in the lice of young people in our area. kenny and fatima, thanks so much for being here. you are the creators, the
11:47 am
founders of university company. talk first about university company, the miths assion and w you have been able to accomplish. >> first of all, thanks for having us here. universal companies is a company that we created many, many years ago that would be in the business of developing african-american communities, and most of the communities are devastated and we researched and looked at what is the reason why the african-american communities are in the situation that they're in. what we came up with is that it's education. education, education, education. and so universal companies is not only involved in education, it's also involved in redeveloping housing and also social services. so -- >> housing, it's agencies -- >> right, rebuilding the
11:48 am
communities, rebuilding xhun communities. what my wife has done, she's come up with the pearl of wisdom and from boys to men. and this wednesday, december 3rd, we're having a fashion show. this is the second one, right? >> it is. >> yeah, she did a great job. and so this -- >> to support these two programs. >> to support the two program. >> talk to me about pearls of wisdom and boys to men. it's about teaching our young people life skill leadership. >> absolutely and also the social grace and to have them to feel good about themselves, self-esteem, community service. just what is required to develop a well-rounded individual, and, you know, so often we see and you hear about the problems in -- with the youth in our communities and that all of the youth in our communities are not playing havoc on society.
11:49 am
there are some outstanding young men and women who are very positive and doing positive thing and giving back to their community. and this is what we want to develop. we want the community, we want the world to see these individuals as opposed to what is portrayed throughout the world and throughout the country. >> you mentioned the way to support them is this coming wednesday, the event you were talking about, it's an evening of style and grace taking place this wednesday, december 3rd, from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the university of the arts on 320 south broad street in philadelphia. for more information, come to our website, kenny and fatima, thank you so much. you always have a home here. keep us posted on what you're doing. >> character building, that's what the whole thing is about and so we hope to see everybody come out, as many people as possible. >> absolutely. we'll get everybody out this wednesday to support what you're doing. thank you. thank you, both.
11:50 am
>> thank you. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> as we head into the rest of your afternoon, we will see mild conditions, plus we're tracking showers heading into the afternoon. a wintry mix is possible as well for tomorrow afternoon and an arctic blast which will drop our temperatures down about 20 degrees. so a lot happening with our weather over the next 24 to 36 hours. a live look outside right now, just clouds and philadelphia is at 60 degrees already. humidity at 60%. wind speeds out of the southwest at 11 miles per hour. throughout the rest of the region, 56 degrees in pottstown. we're at 48 in allentown, 49 degrees in mount pocono. 64 in atlantic city. if you look at millville at 63 and temperatures in stone harbor at 63. so that's going to make for a nice lunchtime hour for you if you can head outside. and a closer look at the cold front, you can see where the cold air is. it's only 32 degrees in detroit. 36 in cincinnati. but still in the 60s in the carolinas.
11:51 am
50s in nashville, but eventually all of this air will continue to shift our direction and that's going to drop our temperatures 10 to 11 degrees below average. our average for this time of year is 50 degrees. today we're going to be above that average. we'll head into the 60s. 62, then cold air ushers in as we head into tonight and our temperatures will not recover during the day. we'll stay in the high 30s and we're going to be tracking more moisture coming in so we could see a few spots with the wintry mix or sleet so don't be surprised if you see a bit of sleet tomorrow. closer look at our satellite radar shot. everything is dry right now, but we are seeing clouds moving in and we're tracking all of this moisture that is going to move closer to us and right through our area as we head into the afternoon. by 3:00, 4:00, that's when we'll start to see a chance of rainfall. by 6:00 it's very light, widespread rainfall on and off throughout the rest of the evening. then we'll see a lull before another round of precip moves in and that will be closer to 3:00. starting off in the suburbs to the north and west.
11:52 am
it looks like mainly rainfall right now for philadelphia. that can change if our temperatures continue to drop. any type of a wintry mix as of now will be mainly confined in the lehigh valley and the possibility of an inch or two in the poconos of accumulating snow. as it continues to move out of our region and our temperatures continue to drop, by 9:00 p.m. the possibility of freezing rain for the suburbs to the north and west, that's a possibility. you want to take a easy throughout most of the day tomorrow and make sure you bundle up. it's going to feel very cold, especially compared to what we saw today. as we push into your morning hours, tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. feeling more like 26 degrees in philadelphia. it's going to feel more like 22 in allentown and 15 in the poconos. so it's going to be a very cold start to the morning. 62 our high today. 39 tomorrow. that chance of showers as we head into the afternoon tomorrow plus those cold temperatures. then lingering showers on your wednesday, 53 degrees on wednesday. at least our temperatures will recover. it's just a one-day cool down
11:53 am
and then heading into next week we have more chances of rainfall.
11:54 am
11:55 am
we're hearing more from janay rice and her reaction to the attack that put her and her husband in the spotlight. rice spoke with the "today" show's matt lauer and he asked her if domestic violence has been an ongoing problem in her
11:56 am
relationship with running back ray rice. >> was there ever any incident of violence in your relationship with ray or has there been any incident of violence since that elevator incident? >> no, no. there's no way. he knows what he would have to deal with, you know, if this was something -- i'm not going to sit there in silence and let something happen to me and, you know, god forbid in front of my child and just let it happen. there's no way. >> ray rice attacked his then-fiancee, now his wife, in an ac elevator over the summer. he had been indefinitely suspended but a judge ordered his reinstatement last friday. the "today" show also spoke with him and we will air his interview tomorrow morning. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, it's "ellen." today it's singer sam smith. and then body cameras on cops. some leaders are considering the
11:57 am
new equipment. that's all this afternoon at 4:00. and thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00 p.m. for brittney shipp and all of us here, have a great day. we'll see you back here at 4:00.
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